Increase Curb Appeal with Architectural Shingles

Laminated Shingles for [seolocation] Homes

Our variety of laminated shingles, also referred to as architectural and dimensional, are designed using innovative layering and tapering techniques to produce asphalt shingles with depth and dimension. The also utilize subtle color blends to enhance definition and give the visual appearance of deep shadow lines. The benefit of doing this is to produce an asphalt shingle that simulates the beauty of wooden shake, tile, and slate but at a fraction of the cost. This makes it possible for anyone to have the elegance and class of true architectural shingles on their [seolocation] home without having to break the bank to do it. In addition to their architectural beauty, there is the Advanced Protection® Shingle (APS) technology that they use in order to grant them superior strength and durability to protect your home.

The Timberline® Series & Specialty Shingles

The most popular shingle series we carry here at See-Thru Windows & Doors is the Timberline® which includes six styles. These styles are Ultra HD®, HD®, American Harvest®, Natural Shadow®, Cool Series®, and ArmorShield™. Each of these style have qualities that make them stylishly unique from one another but possess the common attribute of extraordinary beauty. The HD® and Ultra HD® series produce layers that are extra thick to simulate the look of real wooden shake and high-definition beauty. Meanwhile, the American Harvest® series uses an exclusive color palette that features subtle blends of contrasting colors to create its defining look. The Natural Shadow® shingles we carry make use of elegant shadow effects with color composition to give it an architecturally stylish appearance.

In addition to the four primary Timberline® shingle styles, we also have the Cool Series® and ArmorShield™ as our specialty options. The Cool Series® is our premier option when it comes to energy efficiency and is Energy Star® certified. It uses special proprietary cool granules and unique formulas to give the shingles a high reflective quality that help combat energy loss. The ArmorShield™ shingles are our most durable option and outperform most other asphalt shingles in all major categories of strength, including impact and wind resistance.

Exceptional Beauty with Designer Shingles

We have an extensive line of Designer shingles that bring to your home a unique architectural appearance that’s grand in style and home protections. For instance, our Camelot® shingles simulate the appearance of slate or wooden shake, depending on your preference. They make use of artisan-crafted shapes, dimensional designs, and custom color palettes to create an outstanding shingle for your [seolocation] home. Other varieties include Grand Canyon®, Glenwood®, Sienna® and much more. Learn more about how our Designer and Timberline shingles provide your home with outstanding beauty when you contact us to schedule your free consultation!

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