Optimize Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Turn Your Home into a Powerhouse of Energy Efficiency

The biggest threat to the energy efficiency is heat transfer, which is a scientific process by which heat uses multiple mediums to enter and exit your [seolocation] home. Despite the impact that heat transfer has on the energy efficiency of homes, many people don’t know much about it. To further this dilemma, most remodelers and contractors tend to not reveal the true cause of a home’s less than quality energy performance. Fortunately, the experts here at See-Thru Windows & Doors aren’t like most remodelers and are more than willing to inform homeowners of how the energy performance of their homes can be improved. We do this because we want you to have the tools necessary to make an informed decision of how to maximize your energy-savings.

Know How to Combat Heat Transfer:

  • Conduction: This is one of the most common forms of heat transfer that your home is equipped to guard against. The way conduction works is that heat is passed from one object to another via physical contact. An example of this is when a burner’s heat is transferred to a pan through physical contact. Fiberglass insulation combats conduction by trapping heat in the millions of microfibers it’s made from to slow the transference.
  • Convection: Heat that’s transferred through a fluid or gas, it’s known as convective heat. In short, the particles in fluids or gases that hold less heat energy are displaced by those containing more heat. Boiling water or heating the air with a radiator commonly convey the process of convection. Insulating foam board is typically used to reduce convective heat transfer.
  • Radiation: Heat traveling through space via the UV spectrum is known as radiant heat (aka radiation). Since radiant heat travels through this particular medium, it only heats physical objects that it contacts (i.e. not the air). A primary example of radiation is the heat you feel from the sun when you walk outside on a sunny day. Radiant heat transfer is fought off with the use of radiant barrier insulation, also known as reflective foil.

Combining Insulation Efforts for Your Home

Now that you know what you’re dealing with and the standard ways to combat it, you must determine which insulation type is missing from your system. Most homes are already equipped with fiberglass and some sort of insulation to fight conductive and convective heat transfer. This leaves only radiation needing to be dealt with. Radiant barrier is the perfect solution to preventing energy loss due to radiation and it can install nearly anywhere in your home, including over existing insulation. Once you have all fiberglass, insulating foam board and sealants, and radiant barrier installed, your [seolocation] home will be fully optimized for exceptional energy efficiency. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today and maximize your energy-savings!

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