The Danger of Radiant Heat Transfer

Insulate Your Home with Reflective Insulation

Preserving the energy efficiency of your [seolocation] home can concern a series of components but the most important is the insulation. There are a variety of insulation types available and each are purposed towards protecting against a specific type of heat transfer. The most common types are fiberglass, insulating foam board, and caulking and sealants. Each of which take care of heat transfer via conduction and convection, however, the most efficient form of heat transfer is still left unattended. This is where radiant barrier insulation from See-Thru Windows & Doors comes into play. Radiant barrier is the only form of insulation that reflects radiant heat to keep radiation from negatively impacting your home’s energy efficiency.

Radiation: What it is & How to Stop It

Radiant heat transfer (radiation) is a form of heat transfer that takes place through the electromagnetic spectrum and only transfers to other objects. This makes it exceptionally efficient since no heat is lost to space or fluids so all of the heat is directly transferred to the next object. The radiant heat that travels via this spectrum is generated by the thermal activity between charged atom particles, which forms an energy that is referred to as electromagnetic radiation. The largest contributor of radiant heat is the star of our solar system, the sun. Essentially, the radiant heat produced by the sun travels through space within the UV spectrum to adversely affect things like your home’s energy efficiency.

The way in which our radiant barrier is designed makes it possible for it to reflect radiation to keep it from hurting the energy efficiency of your home. The high reflectivity and low emissivity are the qualities that keep it from being effected by radiant heat. The quality of reflectivity affects the materials ability to reflect radiation rather than absorbing it. Meanwhile, the low emissivity determines how much radiant heat is reemitted. The color white has similar qualities of reflectivity and emissivity, which is why people often wear white on hot sunny days.

Combat Radiation with Our Radiant Barrier

Our insulation experts want to help keep your [seolocation] home as energy efficient as possible, which is why our outstanding services and products include radiant barrier as an option. Our proven insulation product uses space-age technology to ensure that your home isn’t drastically affected by radiation. Best of all, it can be combined with the existing types of insulation already in your home to create an environment in which optimal energy efficiency is reached. Put a stop to the energy abuse in your home today by contacting us about our radiant barrier attic insulation!

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