How Radiant Barrier Works for Your Home

Advanced Attic Insulation You Need

Attic insulation is one of the largest contributors to the efficiency of your [seolocation] home’s energy usage. If you find that the inside of your home is uncomfortable throughout the year, then the attic insulation or lack of, is most likely the culprit. Fortunately, at See-Thru Windows & Doors we have the perfect solution for this circumstance, which is found in the form of our radiant barrier. This type of insulation is designed using the innovations of space-age technology that was purposed toward protecting astronauts from the harsh conditions of outer space. It’s high reflective qualities gives it the ability to drive unwanted radiant heat away from your home, whereas insulations like fiberglass and insulated foam merely slow the process of heat transfer.

The Importance of Proper Insulation

The proper type of insulation plays a significant role in how efficiently your home uses energy. In order to ensure you choose the proper insulation, you must first know which type of heat transfer is the most detrimental to your [seolocation] home. Most homes are already equipped with fiberglass insulation and some form of insulating foam board, which is good since both of these protect against conductive and convective heat transfer, respectively. However, most homes lack protection from radiation, making them highly susceptible to large amounts of energy loss. This is because radiation is easily the most efficient form of heat transfer and has the most powerful source in its corner.

We want to help you avoid this massive energy loss in your home, which is why we carry the highly effective insulation type, radiant barrier. This form of insulation specifically targets radiant heat transfer and reflects it so it cannot adversely affect your home’s interior temperature. It’s able to this because its high reflectivity value helps keep it from absorbing any electromagnetic radiation coming its way. Furthermore, it has a low value of emissivity to keep it from reemitting radiant heat.

Is Radiant Barrier Necessary?

Radiant barrier isn’t necessary for your home but it is recommended, especially if you want to optimize the performance of your HVAC system. Its unique purpose makes it so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard throughout the year. Additionally, it’s regarded as one of the most efficient forms of insulation since its sole purpose is to protect against the most prominent form of heat transfer, making it one of the best investments you can make for your home. Start saving more on energy today by contacting us to schedule a free consultation about our radiant barrier insulation.

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