How Gutter Guards Ward Off Foundation Damage

Gutter Protection: The Key to a Healthy Foundation

One of the greatest and most overlooked threats to your [seolocation] home’s structural integrity is a clogged gutter system. Clogged gutters can easily lead to major damage to the foundation of your home, which is one of the worse things types of damage. Not only can foundation damage result in bowing, bending, and cracking in your home’s walls and ceiling, it is also financially debilitating to repair. Fortunately, you can take great strides in avoiding this sort of damage by maintaining clog-free gutters. The experts here at See-Thru Windows & Doors are here to answer any questions you may have about the dangers that unmaintained gutters present to your home’s foundation.

Clogged Gutters Result in Ruined Foundations

The foundation of your home is in grave danger the moment you let debris clog up your gutter system. In fact, your foundation can be damaged by clogged gutters in several way, often with one issue resulting from the other. It all starts when runoff rainwater escapes or avoids the confines of your gutter system and begins to pool at the base of your home. The water then saturates the soil and causes it to expand. The expanded soil puts a large amount of stress on the walls of your foundation since it has nowhere else to go. As the soil pushes against your foundation, cracks are formed in the walls and even basement floor. The saturated soil and pooled water also slowly erodes the walls, which leads to cracks.  Furthermore, moisture saturates your walls and seep through the pores while it degrades the material.

After the moisture evaporates or flows away from your [seolocation] home, your foundation will become displaced. This is due to the settling, shifting, or even sinking that takes place in order to accommodate for the extra space left behind after the soil dries. Foundation damage becomes apparent with the formation of bows and cracks in your walls, mold and mildew growth, basement flooding, and many other major issues. Major damage like this all stems from what is a simple chore, cleaning clogged gutters.

Avoid Foundation Damage & Clogged Gutters

Routinely cleaning your gutters helps ensure that your home’s structural integrity and foundation stay intact. However, cleaning gutters routinely can be a hassle and not every homeowner has time for it. Fortunately, we have your perfect gutter protection solution with our LeafSlugger® gutter cover system. The gutter protection system we carry eliminates the possibility of clogged gutters by completely covering the top of your gutter to shed debris harmlessly to the ground. Best of all, water can continue to flow freely into the system via the front facing entrance. Let us help you avoid the costly repairs resulting from foundation damage by contacting us to schedule your free consultation or installation of our gutter covers.

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