Energy Efficiency with Insulated Vinyl Siding

Create a More Energy Efficient Home

Optimizing the energy efficiency of your [seolocation] home concerns many compositional elements, including the siding. At See-Thru Windows & Doors, we’ve made sure to carry siding of exceptional quality when it comes maximizing the energy performance of your home. Our insulated vinyl sidings are the Prodigy® series and Charter Oak’s® Energy Elite and Neopor® technology varieties. Each of these sidings utilize an insulated foam backing that acts as an extra barrier that guards against energy transfer. There are two primary types of insulated backing that we utilize for our vinyl sidings, each with unique properties that make them outstanding from one another. These types of contoured foam backing are EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and Neopor®.

The Effectiveness of Insulated Foam Backing

  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene): This is the standard insulated foam backing that is typically found on with most insulated sidings. It is made using beads that are expanded using steam. Once the beads are expanded, they are cured and molded into blocks from which it is cut into the appropriate shape and size.
  • Neopor®: The Neopor® insulating foam is similar to EPS with the exception of containing graphite particles that give it reflective qualities to protect against radiant heat transfer. It still uses expanding beads during the formation but the implementation of graphite particles gives it a stronger energy performance. The Charter Oak® with Neopor® Technology is our premier siding and can grant homes up to 20% more energy efficiency.

Other Advantages of Insulating Foam

Insulating foam does more than just grant your [seolocation] home more energy efficiency. It’s also great for the curb appeal of your home since it fills out the form of the siding to give a more rigid and durable appearance. Furthermore, increase the impact resistance and noise reducing capability of the siding. Both of these qualities aid in the protection and strength of your home as well as the comfort you feel inside of it. In addition to the great strength and insulating qualities of our siding, we also have several colors and from which you can choose that can transform the look of your home. To learn more about the siding options we carry, contact us today and schedule your free siding consultation!

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