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The popularity and viability of vinyl siding is unquestioned as it is one of the most installed sidings in [seolocation] and surrounding areas. It’s high-quality durability, strength, energy efficiency, and beauty is second to none when considering its affordability. It’s for these reasons that we’ve chosen to carry vinyl as our siding solution at See-Thru Windows & Doors. Our primary siding selection from Alside® consists of Prodigy®, Charter Oak® Energy Elite, and Charter Oak® with Neopor® Thermal Foam Technology. Each of these sidings make use of specific technologies and manufacturing features that make them an outstanding choice for any home.

Insulated Siding Selections from See-Thru:

  • Prodigy® Insulated Siding: The Prodigy® series features one of the thickest options for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam at 1 ½” thick to provide it with an exceptional R-Value. Furthermore, the TrueForm™ contoured foam board securely bonds to the back of the panel to create a fully integrated system with enhanced energy efficiency and strength.
  • Charter Oak® Energy Elite: This system makes use of Alside’s Fullback® Thermal support system that provides valuable protection against energy loss and impacts. The Fullback® system also fills out the form of the siding to help it maintain a rigid look and adds to its noise reduction capability. Additionally, it integrates Preventol® TM to dissuade the infestation of termites and carpenter ants. Other features are the PureStrength® vinyl resin that provides enhanced strength and weather resistance and the StayRight™ vinyl stabilizers that aid in the prevention of heat degradation.
  • Charter Oak® with Neopor® Technology: We combine the high structural integrity of our Charter Oak® series with that of advanced Neopor® technology. The most significant advantage of utilizing Neopor® is the reflective quality its graphite particles provide. The foam backing’s reflective property gives this insulating foam exceptional energy-saving potential since it works to ward off radiant heat transfer, which is the most effective form of heat transfer. Furthermore, it enhances impact resistance and helps to prevent bowing, sagging, and denting in the siding panels.

More Vinyl Siding Styles & Options

In addition to the insulated vinyl siding we carry, there is also our selection of hollow-back vinyl siding that includes Odyssey Plus, Coventry, Conquest, Williamsport Colonial Beaded, and Cypress Creek Variegated. Each of these vinyl siding options are designed to bring greater beauty to your [seolocation] home at a budget-friendly price. Furthermore, they are available in a multitude of colors that give you complete control of how you customize the beauty of your home. To learn more about the multiple siding styles we have in our selection, contact us today for your free consultation!

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