Step-Through Inserts from See-Thru

Regain Your Bathing Independence Quickly and Easily

If you are looking to make bathing easier for you or a loved one, a step-through insert is a great option. Step-through inserts from See-Thru are an affordable, safe and durable way to turn your higher sided traditional bathtub into a low step-in shower. Installation of the step-through insert is simple. We simply cut a section from the existing tub and install a custom fitted step-through insert in that opening. This means it can be installed in just about any type of tub in as little as one day! We have lots of colors available to perfectly match your existing tub.

Step-Through Insert Features:

  • Easy Install: Adding a step-through insert means there is no need to rip out your existing tub.
  • Safer Bathing: Provides easy access into bathing area and reduces the possibilities of falling or being injured.
  • Warranty: Your step-through insert comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Made in the US: We use only the highest quality 100% American-made acrylic for our step-through inserts.
  • Low Maintenance: You won’t have to worry about mold, mildew, or dirty grout because our high-quality acrylic is non-porous and easy to clean!
  • Variety of colors: We have lots of colors and styles so you can match your step-through insert to your existing tub.
  • Affordable: Installation price is much lower than an expensive bathroom remodeling job

Helping Gaitherburg and Fredrick Homeowners Bathe Safer and Easier

Did you know that about 60% of household injuries occur in the bathroom? It really can be a dangerous space, but with safe bathing options from See-Thru you can feel more confident when you bathe. The step-through insert creates a pass-through that is just inches from the floor, making it easy to enter and exit your bathing area.

Homeowners in Fairfax, Annapolis, Lexington Park, and throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia contact us today and one of our professional installers can help you determine the perfect bath options for your home. You can also check out our other bathroom remodeling styles like shower liners and walk-in tubs.

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