How to Determine When Your Roof Needs Replacing

Upkeep to your home is very important and the roof is an area that needs significant attention. In fact, one of your Waldorf home’s its largest components is the roof and its role of protection is absolutely imperative. It’s because it plays such an important role that you need to make sure it’s in good condition. Our roofing experts here at See-Thru Windows are specially trained to help you ensure that your roof is well-equipped to protect your home.

Signs of a Worn Shingle Roof:

  • Old Age: Most shingle roofs are designed to last at a maximum of 10-15 years so if your roof is approaching this age, then it’s time to start considering your replacement options. Keeping an eye on how old your roof is can help you avoid major problems that range from leaks to utter deterioration of your home.
  • Curling Shingles: If you notice that any of your shingles are in this condition, then you a full replacement probably isn’t too far behind. Shingles that are curled typically mean that they are weathered or defective. Issues such as leaks and deterioration usually follow curling shingles.
  • Missing Shingles: This is a fairly common occurrence after strong storms or winds and isn’t necessarily indicative of a failing roof system. However, trying to match the colors of new replacement shingles with existing ones can prove to be nearly impossible. Eventually, your roof may become an eyesore of mismatched colors. It’s when this happens that many homeowners replace their entire roof system.
  • Loose Granules: This can commonly be seen with installed roofs and is not a cause for concern. However, older roofs that exhibit loose granules are usually near the end of their life. Granules are meant to protect the asphalt from the sun so once they’re gone, your shingles will quickly deteriorate.
  • Sagging Roof: A sagging roof typically means that your home has major structural damage. This is especially true if the sagging is not localized. The cause of a sagging roof could be either a malformed roof decking or the supports of your foundation. This is a major issue that’s best left to experienced professionals.

Other Roofing Issues & How to Spot Them

Some other issues to watch out for are damage to the valley of your roof and visible daylight through your attic. Damage to your roof’s valley is significant because the valley is designed to be where rainwater collects to run off of the roof. Missing shingles in this area make the roofing system more susceptible to leaks and damage. If daylight is visible from the attic, then your roof is in immediate need of attention. Basically, you’re missing parts of your roof, which means that anything, ranging from pests to rain can make its way into your home without any issue. It’s best to have holes in your roofing fixed as soon as possible to avoid significant damage to your home’s interior. The roofing professionals at See-Thru Windows are expertly trained to help Waldorf homeowners with any of these issues. Contact us today to make sure your roof is able to properly protect your home.


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