Things to Consider Before Investing in a Bathtub Replacement

Bathtub Replacement Springfield, VA

A bathtub replacement can help you transform your all-too-familiar bathroom into a relaxing getaway. But, before you take the leap, you need to take the time to research your dream bathtub and determine whether or not its construction can truly fit the reality of your life. Here’s a list of things to consider when researching the best bathtub for your Springfield home’s bathroom renovation.

Core Materials

Finding a bathtub replacement that is engineered with premium core and outer surface materials can help you ensure the durability of your bathtub. The sturdier the material, the better your new tub will resist damage caused by everyday wear and tear. For example, bathtubs that feature an acrylic or fiberglass build boast greater durability due to their innovative construction that guards against scratches and dents.

Accessibility & Safety

If you or a loved one are looking for a bathtub replacement that is easy to access, it’s important that you review available safety accessories. Finding a tub that offers non-slick finishes, rails, grips, and other convenient accessories can greatly benefit you as you age in place – giving you the confidence you need to bathe independently.

Shape, Height, Width & Depth

As you look for a new bathtub, make sure you account for the existing dimensions and configuration of your bathroom. Ask yourself: How many walls will surround your tub? Will your tub be freestanding? Are you planning for an inset bathtub? These questions will keep you on track to finding a bathtub replacement that can best suit the layout of your bathroom.

There are many considerations to take into mind as you review the countless bathtub design options for your bathroom remodel. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, ask for help! The experts at Bath Planet by See-Thru have years of experience installing bathtubs and offer many beautiful designs – each featuring unique characteristics. To learn more about our services and bathtub replacement options for your Springfield, VA, home, contact us today!

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