Easy Accessibility with Inserts & Barrier-Free Bases

Create Accessibility in Your [seolocation] Bathroom

Upgrading your [seolocation] bathroom doesn’t have to be a terribly expensive and time-consuming process. In fact, it can be done well within anyone’s budget and in as little as a day when you choose an affordable option from the products we carry here at See-Thru Windows & Doors. The options of which we speak are our exceptionally attractive step-through inserts and barrier-free shower bases. Each of these options are designed to be affordable and installed quickly to provide homeowners with a budget-friendly option for accessible bathing. The ease of access they provide eliminates any distress you may have when entering your bath or shower installation by providing a low or barrier-free entrance. Furthermore, they are available in colors and patterns that can work with the style of any bathroom.

Benefits & Features of Inserts & Barrier-Free Bases

  • Affordable Accessibility: Step-through inserts and barrier-free bases are two of our most affordable accessibility products since they use less material and require less labor than our more intensive accessibility options.
  • Quick Installation: Each of these products are designed to be installed in as little as a day. The shower base is placed directly in your existing shower space once the old one is removed and the step-through insert goes directly on your existing tub once we remove a section from it.
  • Customizable Beauty: These products are available in a variety of colors and patterns, making it possible to match them with the existing style and scheme of your bathroom. Furthermore, they are custom-shaped to match the form of your existing bathing apparatus.
  • Precise Fit: We use the exact measurements of your existing space to create an absolute fit for your new accessibility product. This ensures a perfect addition that’s flush with the primary apparatus for a beautiful appearance.
  • Low-Maintenance: Each of these products are made using high-quality acrylic that is non-porous and grout-free. Not only does this help to ensure their strength and durability, it also makes them highly resistant to mold and mildew. The nature of the material makes each product exceptionally easy to clean, requiring no hard scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

Confidence in Your Accessible Bathing Experience

Enjoy the confidence that our accessibility products bring to you when it comes to independently bathing in your [seolocation] home. Regardless of the budget you’re working with, we can help you find a better way to bathe. Options like our step-through inserts and barrier-free shower bases ensure that anyone can have the accessibility and independence they need in the bathroom. Best of all, the beauty of your bathroom doesn’t have to compromised since each of our options are available in a multitude of gorgeous designer colors and patterns. Don’t feel restricted in your bathroom ever again and contact us today to learn more about our accessible bathing options.

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