Casement Window Installation

When you want the best of beauty and function, casement windows provide your solution. The stylish hardware and hand cranks allow you to open and close the windows with safe operation. With trouble-free cleaning, the designs work well over sinks, large appliances and hard-to-reach places.

See-Thru Windows, Doors & Bathroom Remodeling offers high-quality casement window replacements. Our professional team uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to complete installations efficiently. We’re proud to serve homeowners throughout Maryland and Virginia.

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement-style windows look visually pleasing in all types of homes, from traditional to modern. They can increase your natural lighting and offer scenic views of your surroundings. With a hand crank, these windows open to a 90-degree angle for easy ventilation. While closed, they offer some of the lowest air infiltration rates.

Modern casement windows are designed to help keep temperatures consistent and increase your home’s energy efficiency. You can invest in additional features like a deeper sash and sun blinds to enhance the style and insulative properties.

When Do You Need New Casement Windows?

When they’re in their best shape, casement windows can add to the style, comfort and energy efficiency of your surroundings. Like any windows, though, they may experience visible aging, wear and tear, or damage over time.

If air enters through cracks in the glass or sealant, traffic and construction sounds may seem louder. Drafts can cause an increase in your utility expenses. Or outdoor particles like pollen may enter your home, causing your allergies to worsen.

When you replace your windows, you can resolve these issues for more comfort and peace of mind. New windows can also increase your curb appeal and property value.

casement windows

Benefits of Investing in Casement Windows

Investing in new casement window installations offers many benefits, including:

  • Durability: A low-maintenance design is easy to clean and take care of, and no painting is needed.
  • Energy savings: Primary weather seals protect against drafts along with a dual weather-stripping system with compression.
  • Leak-free designs: An anti-water penetration system offers protection against unwanted moisture and water damage.
  • Weather protection: Ice and water shield barriers protect the wood and structural integrity of the window.
  • Increased insulation: Window frame insulation provides better temperature consistency and comfort.

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