Walk-in Tubs & Their Applicability

How Walk-in Tubs Save You Grief

When it comes to retaining your bathing independence, there is no other option that has gained more traction than walk-in tubs. The reason these high-quality bathing apparatuses have gained so much popularity is because of the sheer amount of luxury they provide. Walk-in tubs are designed with the purpose of making bathing accessible to nearly anyone. Standard features include a low-threshold entrance and a leak-proof door that make entering and exiting the installation as easy as walking. The low-threshold is a mere inches above the floor so you don’t have to struggle with balancing on one foot or raising your leg too high. At See-Thru Windows & Doors, we have this luxurious option so homeowners throughout [seolocation] and surrounding areas can continue to enjoy bathing excellence.

Features & Benefits of Walk-in Tubs:

  • Low-Threshold Entrance: The entrance to our walk-in tubs is only inches above the level of your bathroom floor. This makes entering and exiting the installation exceptionally easy and worry-free for anyone, especially those that have trouble stepping over high thresholds.
  • Leak-Proof Doors: The leak-proof swinging door is easy to operate and forms a tight seal between the door and the tub wall. This ensures that no water will leak onto the floor of your bathroom while the tub is filled to reduce the chance of slipping when exiting your tub.
  • Chair-Height Seat: Our walk-in tubs feature a built-in, chair-height seat so you can sit and enjoy a full body soak without having to constantly readjust your sitting position. Furthermore, this makes the process of entering the tub far easier.
  • Hydrotherapy: Enjoy the soothing effects of hydrotherapy on your sore muscles and aching joints as the water jets massage away the pain. This highly rejuvenating quality does an excellent job of relieving the general pains you feel in your body.

Enjoy a New Way to Bathe in Luxury

Another great feature of our walk-in tub is the infusion of warm air into the water. The warm air infusion creates a truly spa-like experience that is unlike any other you would find with any other bathing apparatus. This feature also enhances the tub’s ability to help you overcome aches and pains in your muscles and joints. Additionally, our tubs are made with non-porous acrylic that is highly resistant to mold and mildew, making them exceptionally easy to clean. This quality of low-maintenance practically eliminates the need for hard-scrubbing and harsh chemicals. Learn more about how our walk-in tubs can make your bathing experience more accessible and luxurious by contacting us to schedule your free in-home consultation today!

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