Affordable Upgrades with Shower Bases & Liners

Increase Shower Beauty with a Convenient Remodel

At See-Thru Windows & Doors, we have a wonderful selection of shower remodeling options that can immediately upgrade the appearance of your shower upon installation. Two of our most popular shower remodeling products are our replacement shower bases and shower liners. What makes these options so popular is that they are able to be installed in as little as a day and available in a variety of colors and patterns. They are created using the precise measurements of your existing shower space so you can rest assured that an absolute fit is created. This eliminates the possibility of any leaks or gaps in the installation and is one of the reasons that they can be installed in such a short amount of time. Furthermore, the distinct colors and patterns we carry can give your shower an elegant new look that is unique to your [seolocation] home.

Features & Benefits of Our Shower Acrylics:

  • Enhanced Beauty: Having a new shower base or shower liner installed in your bathroom is a great way to cover up and remove any physical discrepancies that exist in your current shower.
  • Strength & Durability: Each of these fantastic installations are created using the highest quality acrylic that is resistant to scratches, chips, peeling, and fading. This means that your new shower installation will last for years and look beautiful while doing it.
  • Low-Maintenance: Using a non-porous and grout-free acrylic, our shower installations are naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Their natural resistance to this common nuisance eliminates the need for hard scrubbing and harsh chemicals, which makes cleaning as simple as wiping down with warm, soapy water.
  • Affordability: Both of these shower systems are designed to be budget-friendly, especially our shower liners. This is because the shower liners are designed to fit directly over your existing shower liner, which eliminates the need for a messy tear out to reduce the cost of labor.
  • Custom-Fit & Color: Both of these installations use the precise measurements of your existing shower space to form a perfect fitting shower system that fits seamlessly into your bathroom. Additionally, each of our acrylic shower systems is available in the color and pattern of your choice to provide your shower with a beautiful custom look.

Remodeling Expertise & Custom Shower Installations

The beauty and quality of your new shower remodel is dependent on more than just the product. It is also highly reliant on the quality of the installation. Fortunately, each of the installers we employ are trained to perform flawless installations that leave no room for gaps or leaks. The exceptional installations we perform help to eliminate the possibility of water damage occurring to your home from the shower. Additionally, each of our representatives can help you choose the perfect installation and acrylic design that can beautify your [seolocation] bathroom. To learn more about the shower products we carry, contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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