The Weather Barrier System

Doors That Keep the Rain and Weather Out for Bowie and Columbia Homeowners

In order to battle the harsh and often unexpected elements Mother Nature brings, you need a GUARDIAN™. Your entry door offers the protection of the GUARDIAN™ Weather Barrier System. Made of the toughest door components available, all engineered to work together, the GUARDIAN™ system protects your home from weather and weatherrelated rot and insect damage. The GUARDIAN™ system also makes your home more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

Weather Barrier System Features:

  • Eastern white pine jambs are end treated with anti-wicking barrier to discourage rot and insects and offer better finish quality and durability than typical yellow pine jambs. Features a five-year warranty.
  • High dam threshold features continuous composite base that will not rot or warp. Rail and nose available in light oak woodgrain or dark brown woodgrain. Aluminum sill available in brass, mill or bronze finishes.
  • Adjustable composite rail with patented flexible seal interlocks with high dam aluminum sill for an impenetrable barrier between the threshold and the interior of the house. Features a five-year warranty.
  • Performance Grade Testing measures the air/water/structural load an entry door withstands when closed and locked. A PG40 rating withstands more than 50% higher water infiltration and structural loads than the industry standard ratings of PG15 and DP15.
  • Durable Q-Lon™ compression weatherstripping creates a perfect, weather-tight seal between the door and the jamb for maximum sealing against air and water infiltration.
  • Specially-designed, patent pending Leading Edge™ corner pads use a cutout to create a low pressure cavity that prevents “straw wicking” effect and eliminates associated leaks under stormy conditions.
  • Tubular bulb and center fin bottom door sweep weather stripping with outer rain fin diverts water away from the door and threshold.
  • Extended sill elevates jamb to reduce water exposure while anti-wicking wood treatment prevents water wicking.
  • Adjustable oak-look composite threshold allows simple height adjustment to create a perfect seal between the door and threshold eliminating voids or gaps that lead to water or air infiltration.

Improved Double Door Weather Protection

Our new seal between doors eliminates the air and water leakage problems common with many double doors. Patented three-point sealing system between the active door, sill and inactive door means no more leaks. The system prevents damage to the seal between the doors by lifting the floating seal off the threshold, providing long-lasting protection against leakage.

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