Illuminating Homes with Patio Doors

Expansive Views & Energy Efficiency with New Doors

Make the most of the wall space in your home by having one of our beautiful patio doors installed. A patio door provides expansive views of your outdoor area and is a functional entrance. They’re great for letting the beauty of the outdoors filter into your home for you to enjoy without being subjected to the elements. Furthermore, the high-quality patio doors we carry here at See-Thru Windows are designed to meet energy efficient standards so you don’t have to worry about excessive energy loss. In fact, they’re so reliable in this regard that they carry the coveted Blue Energy Star® label that indicates they have met and exceeded the standards for energy efficiency. In addition to having the approval of Energy Star®, they are also approve by the Good Housekeeping Institute, which is one of the most trusted organizations when it comes to rating home improvement products.

Features & Benefits of Our Patio Doors:

  • Multi-Chamber Design: The multi-chamber design of our vinyl patio doors grants them greater strength and greatly aids in their ability to withstand hurricane force winds.
  • Reinforced Panels: The reinforced panels provide improved strength in the design of our patio door frames, making them far more capable of handling the stress of common wear and tear.
  • Spring Loaded Screen Guide: The heavy-duty internal screen of our patio doors feature a spring loaded guide to ensure ease of operability. The blinds we use have several tilting options to provide homeowners with several daylighting options.
  • Customizable Beauty & Accessories: We have several colors and hardware options for our patio doors, including a foot lock that adds extra security. Furthermore, they’re available in multiple configurations that includes a four pane system.
  • Energy Efficiency: Due to the multi-chambered construction, the frame of our patio doors are exceptionally effective at reducing heat transfer. The thermal break provided by the dead air space in the frame significantly slows thermal exchange. Additionally, our doors are solidly constructed to prevent air leakage through the hardware.

Trusted Quality in Proven Patio Doors

The approval of Energy Star® and the Good Housekeeping Institute® is proof that our patio doors do an exceptional job of performing for homes in and surrounding areas. Since they carry the Good Housekeeping® Seal of approval that means they also carry their guarantee. This means that you can have confidence in your new installation and if it proves defective within the first two years, then it’s covered. For further reassurance, we have trained each of our quality installers to perform flawless installations that leave no room for energy loss. Invest in the value of your home today and contact us to schedule your free consultation about our patio doors.

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