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When it comes to upgrading your Waldorf home, there’s no better place to go than See-Thru Doors. We specialize in more than just replacement windows and have a variety of products and services that can improve your home. For this particular article, we will be discussing the advantages of upgrading your entry doors. Simply put, your door plays a vital role in your home’s appearance, efficiency, and security. With it serving such importance, you need to make sure that it’s able to optimally perform. At See-Thru Windows, we carry the finest doors to enhance your home in each area of performance. However, carrying these fine products is only part of the equation. The other consideration is deciding if you even need a new door. Fortunately, we’re here to help you figure out if you need a door upgrade.

Signs You Need a New Door:

  • Physical Damage: Scratches, dents, and weathering to your door greatly impact your home’s curb appeal and can lead to further degradation if the door is left untreated. Another effect of having damaged doors such as panel and edge damage is reduced energy efficiency.
  • Functionality: If you’re experiencing difficulty with opening and closing your door, locking it, or it’s not hanging level on its hinges then it should be replaced.
  • Efficiency: A typical effect of having a door broken along the edges or cracks in the panels is lower energy efficiency. A strong telling sign of faltering energy efficiency is if your door is unable to properly seal off drafts. Basically, if you feel a draft coming from your closed door, then your door is not performing with the energy efficiency it should be.

The above signs are clear indicators that you need to replace your door. Once you know you need a new door, you must decide on which type to get. This part of the process can be tricky as there are three main door types: wood, fiberglass, and steel. We’ve chosen to only provide steel and fiberglass since their materials are more accessible and they present low-maintenance benefits that you wouldn’t receive with wooden doors. Another great benefit of steel and fiberglass is that they each possess far greater energy-conserving qualities than wood. There is a myriad of other benefits to both steel and fiberglass doors from See-Thru. Make sure your door is able to give your home all the great benefits of beauty, efficiency, and security by contacting us for your free door consultation and finding out how See-Thru Doors can enhance your home.

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