Reasons to Replace Your Entry Doors

Know the Signs of a Failing Entry Door

Ensuring that the doors of your home are performing well is important for many reasons. The primary concern should be whether or not they are actually giving you the security you need for your home. Secondly, you need to know if they are as energy efficient as they are supposed to be because you could be missing out on valuable savings if they are not. At See-Thru Windows & Doors, we want to help you avoid falling victim to ineffective doors, which is why we carry a large variety of high-quality replacement doors from one of the most esteemed manufacturers in the industry. However, we’d first like to help you identify your door needs, which can be done by looking for some easy to identify warning signs.

Signs You Need Replacement Doors:

  • Difficulty of Operation: Doors that are difficult to open and close, especially during exceptionally humid days, are in need of replacing. Not only does this present risks to your home security, it also means that you are losing energy in the form heat transfer and air leakage since the door is most likely not forming a strong seal at the perimeter of the frame.
  • Weather Stripping Inspection: Weather stripping play an important role in your door’s ability to protect against air leakage. It also helps keep moisture, pests, and allergens from getting inside your home. The weather stripping can be inspected by taking a step back and seeing if any daylight is entering through the door’s perimeter. If you see daylight at the perimeter, then your door needs immediate attention.
  • Energy Loss: You can tell if you’re losing energy through your door simply by touching it on hot or cold days. If you feel outside temperatures coming through on the interior surface, then your door lacks sufficient insulation. It’s best to replace doors like this since the insulation is part of the door’s interior makeup.
  • Physical Damage: Doors that are physically damaged are most definitely in need of replacing. Damaged doors cause a loss of security, curb appeal, value, and energy for your home. Common signs of visible damage are rotting, warping, and rust.

Doors That Won’t Let You Down

Any of the above signs are cause for you to start exploring your replacement door options. Fortunately, we make the door shopping process easy by carrying a variety of high-quality doors that are perfect for any circumstance. Our door styles consist of Entry, Security, Storm, and Patio. Furthermore, we have multiple materials available for your replacement doors, including steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Our representatives are well-versed in all of our door products and are happy to help you find the perfect new entryway for your home. Contact us to learn more about our amazing door selection during your scheduled free consultation.

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