Add Style & Protection with Storm Doors

Weather the Elements with a Storm Door

A storm door serves two primary purposes, which are to protect your entry door from damages that can be incurred when weather is bad and to add beauty and style to your home. They can also serve as an extra measure for security and energy efficiency if you choose a high-quality one. At See-Thru Windows & Doors, each of our products are designed to provide the highest quality protection, beauty, and efficiency for your home, including our storm doors. We have several styles, colors, and locking options that can make your new door installation unique to your home. Some of the styles we offer are Full View, Vista View Two-Lite, Half-Lite, Three-Quarter View, and many others. The beauty of these doors is only part of the equation and the real benefit is found in their solid design and construction features.

Design & Construction Features:

  • Arc-Welded Corners: Rather than screwing together one of the most crucial points on the door, we weld them to prevent issues like rattling and sagging further down the line.
  • Pocket Hinges: Our door’s pocket hinge technology provides greater support at one of its most stressful points. The pocket hinges make it so some of the doors weight is supported by the frame during operation. This greatly reduces the amount of stress on the hinges.
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum: The high-quality aluminum we use is incredibly resistant to dents, which means that your door will enjoy fantastic beauty throughout its life.
  • Tempered Safety Glass: We use heat-tempered safety glass for our storm doors to provide them with three times the strength of regular glass. This is a great advantage for a door whose design is take to abuse from the elements.
  • Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Closures: These heavy-duty closures ensure longevity in operation for your new storm door. They feature pull-close functionality to ensure that your door becomes securely latched upon swinging closed.
  • Fiberglass Screen: The fiberglass material used to make the screen of our doors is more durable than the standard aluminum material and far less likely to being punctured. Additionally, it provides crisp and clean views without any glaring.

High-Quality Storm Door Installations

Don’t let the entry door of your home succumb to damages from severe weather by protecting it with one of our high-quality storm doors. In addition to the extra protection you get from a storm door, you will also receive expansive views of your outdoor area and an extra barrier that aids in energy efficiency. Best of all, we have several colors available and hardware finishes so you can find the perfect way to match or accentuate the beauty of your home’s entrance. To learn more about what our storm doors can do for you, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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