How Our Windows Save Energy for You

Qualities of Our Windows

The replacement windows we carry are designed to grant your home an increase in energy efficiency by utilizing modern energy-saving technologies. We have several features and options for our windows that will drastically increase your energy-savings each month and help maintain a more comfortable temperature inside your home throughout the year. Our windows possess an outstanding R-Value of 7.14, which is an insulating value that is superior to most other windows. At See-Thru Windows & Doors, our window professionals will help you create a window of exceptional energy efficiency by walking you through each of our energy-saving options so you know exactly what you’re getting. Furthermore, the standard framing material is already designed to increase the insulation value of your new replacement windows.

Energy-Saving Features & Options:

  • Insulated Framing: The framing material our windows use is a virgin uPVC that is exceptionally strong and durable. Additionally, the frames are filled with an insulating foam that helps to combat heat transfer.
  • Low-E Glass Coatings: Low E coatings are used to reflect infrared light, which helps against heat transfer. Furthermore, the coating is designed to block UV light to help prevent fading in your interior décor and furnishings.
  • Multi-Pane Options: We have both triple and double pane window options that greatly increase the energy efficiency of a window. The extra panes add more layers of insulation by providing more obstacles through which heat must transfer. These obstacles include the glass and the thermal breaks between the panes of glass.
  • Insulating Gas Fills: Our multi-pane windows are equipped with either Argon or Krypton gas, depending on the needs of your home. They can also be filled with air if you live in a higher altitude area.
  • High-Performance Spacer: Our windows use a stainless steel spacer that has desiccant beads inside of it to absorb moisture. This helps reduce the condensation on your window, reduces heat transfer, and meets the needs presented by the flex of the glass and frame.

Save More with Our Replacement Windows

Even though replacing the windows of your home can be somewhat costly, you’ll end up saving more in the long run. This is especially true when you choose to upgrade your home with our highly efficient, energy-saving windows. You’ll enjoy noticeable energy-savings throughout the years and an increase in home value. The savings and increased value you receive make our replacement windows one of the wisest investments you can make for your home. Furthermore, our window design experts can help you create the perfect look for your home with the right window styles and customization. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our window options!

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