Know When to Replace Your Windows

Optimize Energy Performance with New Windows

One of the keys to making your home more energy efficient is to ensure that its windows are working towards it. Many homeowners find themselves in situations in which their home is not equipped with modern energy-saving windows. This results in higher energy costs and discomfort inside their home all year long. At See-Thru Windows, we want to help you avoid losing energy and comfort in your home by providing the tools you need to ensure optimal window performance. We must first start with knowledge since you can’t have a problem fixed if you aren’t aware of it. With windows there are quite a few signs that can act as a warning that you need replacement windows.

A Few of the Window Warning Signs:

  • Old and Dated: The age of your windows plays a large role in how well they are able to perform. It is largely known and accepted that older windows aren’t made with the same energy-saving technology of modern windows. Furthermore, aging windows tend to lose their ability to perform with optimal energy efficiency.
  • Physical Damage: Windows that have signs of physical damage to the glass or frame force a loss of curb appeal and energy efficiency. The damage in not only an eyesore but it’s also a point at which you can lose energy via air leakage and heat transfer.
  • Drafts from the Window: You can test for drafty windows by placing your hand in front of it and feeling for air infiltration. If you feel a draft coming through, then you have a window that is constantly allowing energy to escape. The cause of this could be any number of things, including worn seals, damaged frames, window age, etc.
  • Difficulty of Operation: If you’re having trouble opening and closing your windows, there is most likely a balance issue, which is an internal. We suggest trusting this repair to window professionals like us.
  • Condensation: Your window needs to be replaced if there is condensation in between the panes. Condensation in this area shows that there is damage to your seals, pane, spacer, or frame and that any insulating qualities your window did have are now lost.

Other Window Factors to Keep in Mind

We’ve asserted that condensation is bad when it’s between the panes of your window but it’s actually a normal occurrence around the window perimeter and on the exterior sides of the panes. It’s important take note of the placement of the condensation so you don’t make an unnecessary purchase. If you have trouble identifying any of these signs, including condensation, then one of our window experts will gladly assist you during a free consultation. Another reason homeowners opt for replacement windows is to update the look of their home, which we make easy with our large selection of beautiful window styles. To learn more about our replacement window services, contact us today!

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