Exploring Replacement Window Glass Options

Elegant Glass Stylings for Homes

Glass is the most visible part of any window so it makes sense that you would want it to be as stylish as possible. In addition to the aesthetic role that glass plays for your replacement windows is the role that it plays in the energy efficiency of your home. At See-Thru Windows & Doors, we have glass options that aid in both of these roles to make the window shopping experience more convenient when you choose our services. The Latitude Glass that our windows use is offered in a range of packages so you can maximize the window’s performance and beauty for your home. The primary energy-saving option of our glass system is the variation in the amount of Low-E coatings we can use. The amount used not only determines the amount of UV light blocked, it also determines the amount of reflectivity in the glass. This helps guard against solar heat gain and fading. Our decorative options include multiple grid patterns and stained art glass.

Decorative Patterns for Windows

The standard patterns for our window’s grids or simulated divides are Brass Pencil Colonial, Georgian Colonial, Standard Diamond, Woodgrain Georgian Colonial, and Standard Colonial. The difference between grid and simulated divides is that grids go through the glass system while simulated divides just give the appearance of grids by being placed on the interior and exterior panes. Many homeowners choose simulated divides because they still provide a beautiful sense of style while allowing for the energy efficient benefits of insulated multi-paned glass.

Two other options we have that increase the beauty of your windows are custom grooved glass and stained art glass. Our custom grooved glass uses distinct patterns for an effect of elegance that is adored by architects and interior designers. The styles offered are Colonial, Double Prairie, Florentine, Single Prairie, Tudor, and Marquis. The stained art glass takes style a step further by adding color, value, and architectural detail to your home. The leaded patterns available are Prairie Du Chien, St. Louis, St. Paul, Vicksburg, Vidalia, Davenport, Galena, Sunrise Bevel, Gretna, Hannibal, Keokuk, LaCrosse, and Natchez. Stained art glass is best suited for making a statement with a centerpiece window.

Trusted Window Experts Increase Home Beauty

The representatives we employ help ensure that your new replacement windows are exactly what you’re looking for in terms of beauty, compatibility, and energy efficiency. We can help you choose the perfect designs for the glass systems of your windows. Our expert knowledge of interior design and architectural accents has helped many homeowners create a uniquely stylized home with their replacement window installations. Don’t take any chances with your home and let our window experts help you; just contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation!

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