Choose the Perfect Window: A Brief of Window Styles

Define Your Home with Beautiful Window Styles

At See-Thru Windows & Doors, we have a large selection of window styles from which you can choose so you can redefine the style of your home. Our selection includes some of the most popular styles that are trending with modern homeowners. Additionally, you can create a more energy efficient home with our energy-saving options that includes multi-pane styles, Low-E coating, insulating gases, and more. Our goal is to help you equip your home with the most beautiful and efficient windows available, which is why we carry so many options.

Popular Replacement Window Styles:

  • Bay Windows: A bay window is an elegant style that utilized three different windows to create a large window fixture that extends beyond the exterior side of your home. This creates extra interior space in the form of either nook for sitting or extra shelving.
  • Bow Window: This window style is similar to the bay style but uses four to six windows instead of three. Furthermore, each window is of equal proportion and the shape is more rounded rather than angular. This style similarly creates more interior space.
  • Basement Windows: Also referred to as hopper windows, basement windows are typically affixed to basements and operate on bottom placed hinges. These windows are perfect for ventilating areas in your home that require a particular layout or extra privacy.
  • Garden Windows: This window uniquely forms a box-like shape and is comprised of five glass panes. It protrudes beyond the exterior wall of your home and provides extra shelving space perfect for growing potted plants.
  • Casement Windows: Casements are perfect for allowing large amounts of natural ventilation in your home since they swing wide open in similar fashion to doors. The use of a hand crank for opening and closing creates a tighter seal between the sash and frame.
  • Double-Hung Windows: Our double-hung windows are one of the most popular styles available. This is because they look great on any home and they are very easy to clean since they feature dual tilt-in functionality for the top and bottom sashes.
  • Sliding Windows: This window style is great for areas in your home that present a limited range for vertical motion. This is because they operate on a horizontal rail so they open and close much like a sliding glass door.

Style Selection for Your Home

The large selection of window styles we offer to homeowners gives the opportunity to create beautiful new style for their homes. Furthermore, you can customize your replacement windows with our variety of colors, hardware options, and finishes to create a look that is uniquely yours. To learn more about a particular window style that we offer or to find out how we can increase the energy efficiency of your home, contact us today and schedule your free in-home consultation!

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