What Are the Best Replacement Windows?

What Are the Best Replacement Windows?

Take a moment to visualize your home’s exterior. What elements stand out? If you said that siding and the entry door are the two most impactful elements, you’re not wrong. However, there’s another feature that can significantly influence the curb appeal of your home: windows. From enhancing interior and exterior beauty to improving energy efficiency, new windows can do wonders for your home’s appearance and functionality. If you’ve taken your windows for granted, don’t fret! The solution is as simple as investing in replacements. Stay tuned as we explore the most popular replacement windows, helping you narrow down your choices and ultimately find the best fit for your home.

Natural vs. Man-Made Window Materials

Honesty hour: No exterior home product is designed to last forever. However, some are designed with materials that require less maintenance and offer longer, high-performance functionality despite constant exposure to the elements. Natural materials, such as woodgrains, require frequent upkeep and perform poorly in wet or humid environments—making them a beautiful, yet tiresome, material option for replacement windows. On the other hand, man-made materials are constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of the average consumer. Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and wet environments, composite, vinyl, and fiberglass are the ideal materials for window frames.

Vinyl Windows for the Win

As technological advances for windows has improved over the decades, one man-made material has continued to reign supreme: vinyl. Developed out of durable plastic material, PVC, vinyl windows were designed to compete against wood windows. Today, they can be found on an ever-increasing number of homes across the nation. These windows have been claimed the “best replacement windows” because they are:

  • Affordable – Compared to natural wood frames and fiberglass windows, vinyl is one of the most affordable replacement window options that still offers incredible value for the cost.
  • Low maintenance – Unlike natural materials, vinyl is virtually maintenance-free. This will keep your home’s appearance prime with or without constant upkeep.
  • Durable – High-quality vinyl windows have the predicted lifespan of over 20 years and are designed to withstand extreme weather elements.
  • Stylish – Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors, vinyl windows are sure to transform your home’s appearance.

Replacement Windows

What’s more, quality vinyl windows will also help decrease your monthly energy bills, as they are typically crafted with additional insulation that impedes heat transfer. With these advantages and more, it’s no surprise that vinyl has become the window material of choice for most homeowners throughout the region.

Look for Energy Efficiency Ratings

Before you choose any random vinyl replacement window for your home, make sure you do your research and choose a product that boasts high energy efficiency ratings. This will ensure you are investing in a high-quality window that’s engineered with additional insulative properties, keeping your home cool and comfortable year-round. At See-Thru Windows, Doors & Home Improvements, we offer vinyl replacement windows that do just that! Founded in 1994, we are window specialists that have gone above and beyond to source only the best replacement windows for our customers. Engineered from virgin uPVC, our vinyl windows offer the following advantages:

  • Polyurethane insulated frames for maximum protection against heat transfer
  • FiberCore reinforcements that prevent your replacement windows from warping or bowing
  • SolarClean™ glass that self-cleans and makes window maintenance a breeze

Best of all, our windows feature a unique construction that boasts 30% more glass than traditional windows for expansive views and natural light. Available in a plethora of popular styles and color blends, these windows are sure to complement your aesthetic preferences and the architectural design of your home.

To learn more about why vinyl is the best material for your replacement windows, contact See-Thru Windows, Doors & Home Improvements today!

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