What to Look for When Buying New Exterior Doors

What to Look for When Buying New Exterior Doors

What are the high-traffic points of your home? For most homeowners, high-traffic areas tend to center around doorways, especially ones that lead to the exterior of the home. If your front doors or patio doors have started to show signs of physical damage — such as warping and rotting — it’s time to consider investing in replacements. But what should you look for when purchasing new exterior doors? Stay tuned as we review the need-to-knows that will help you master your search for the best new exterior doors.

1.     Door Material

Material is extremely important to consider before beginning your search for a new door. The construction and fabrication of your door will not only be reflected in the appearance of your new entryway, but it will also play a huge role in the functionality and performance of your door as it’s continually exposed to the elements. Fiberglass and steel exterior doors are both popular choices among homeowners, as these materials offer lasting advantages including:

  • Durability
  • Thermal performance
  • Customizable beauty

2.     Good Energy Efficiency Ratings

If arguing over the thermostat setting has become a regular occurrence in your household, it could be your doors’ doing. Older door models lack the insulative qualities of newer configurations, a feature that can influence heat transfer and energy loss. To avoid this, make sure to look for new exterior doors with outstanding energy efficiency ratings and insulative components.

3.     Door Profiles & Details

Exterior doors are some of the first elements passersby, family, and guests will notice about your home. When replacing your doors, do your best to select a profile that truly complements your aesthetic preferences and your home’s architectural design. Hardware, paint color, glass configurations, and texture can all influence the look of your doors.

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