2024 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Each year offers an exciting opportunity to transform your style. In bathrooms, new installations and eye-catching colors, patterns and designs can make all the difference. Explore some 2024 bathroom remodeling ideas to get inspiration for your next home project.

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1. Walk-In Showers

Want to develop a sleek, modern aesthetic this year? Hire professionals to install a walk-in shower. The transparency of the glass walls and doors can make your bathroom feel more open and spacious.

Groutless options provide a smooth, seamless look that’s easy to maintain. Acrylic materials are a go-to option — they’re nonporous to promote cleanliness and longevity.

2. Custom Bathtubs

Imagine soaking in warm water and relaxing in the perfect bathtub. This is the year to make it happen. You can work with experts to design a luxury bathtub aligned with all your needs and preferences.

One option is a walk-in tub with a low threshold and a door you can close. Accessories like built-in seating, safety bars, foot pedestals and shelving can enhance your overall accessibility and comfort.

3. Bold Accent Decor

Add some personality to your bathroom in 2024. You can create visual interest by swapping out your plumbing fixtures and finishes. Polished chrome looks mirrorlike and glamorous, while brushed chrome looks classic — and matte black looks contemporary. Decide on a style, then choose accents to bring it to life!

You can also refresh your space with functional items. Consider upgrading your mirrors, bath mats, soap and toothbrush holders, shelving, seating and towels with designs you love.

4. Decorative Lighting

Lighting is essential in any space. Why not choose fixtures that offer style along with function? You can make your bathroom look luxurious with a chandelier made of crystal or glass beadwork. Hanging fixtures look charming over a tub where you can soak and feel like you’re at a spa.

Lights with a sculptural appearance are another option. Stylish lighting in bold colors, shapes, sizes or textures is one of the most exciting bathroom remodeling trends of the year.

5. Geometric Tile Work

When you think of your bathroom as a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless. Artistic and decorative surfaces are all the rage this year. Have fun brainstorming ways to mix and match your tiles in a beautiful pattern or visual display.

You can choose tiles with complementary or contrasting colors, add depth with smooth or rough textures, and create visual interest with matte or gloss finishes. When you hire experts for bathroom remodel services, they can provide guidance and recommendations to help you accomplish your goals.

Bring Your Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Life

This year is the ideal time to refresh your space. If you need design inspiration or guidance in choosing products to complement your new look, turn to See-Thru Windows, Doors and Bathroom Remodeling.

Our professionals offer bathroom remodeling services for homeowners throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia. Contact our team to learn more or schedule a consultation today!

Bring Your Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Life

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