Why You Should Weatherproof Your Door

Your front Weatherproof door offers a way to reflect your style and leave a good first impression. Beyond increasing your curb appeal, the exterior doors you choose are an important investment for your home. With weatherproof doors, you can have peace of mind throughout the year.

Doors with weather barrier systems play a critical role in keeping your living spaces comfortable, safe, and protected from outdoor elements. Here’s a look at what weatherproofing can help you accomplish.

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1. A Weatherproof Door Prevents Water Damage

A Weatherproof Door keeps water away during any rain shower, storm, or hurricane with airtight seals along the bottom of your doors. These features eliminate gaps and cracks to keep water from seeping inside.

By keeping water away, weatherproof doors can protect your floors, walls, furniture, and decorations from damage. Keeping moisture from entering your living spaces can also prevent the growth of mildew and mold. As a result, you can maintain healthier air quality and living conditions for your family, your pets, and yourself.

2. A Weatherproof Door Keeps Cold or Hot Air Out

Have you ever felt a cold draft in your home? During winter, there’s no need to layer on scarves and cardigans — you can keep outdoor air away with weather barriers for doors. Proper seals on your doors can also keep hot air out during warmer months.

With high-quality weatherproof doors and weather barrier systems, you can set your HVAC system to your preferred temperature and enjoy consistency. When you’re more comfortable in your environment, it’s easier to focus on your daily tasks and enjoy making memories with your friends and family.

3. Save on Your Energy Bills

If cold or hot air sneaks in through your doors, you may notice a spike in your utility bills. Outdoor air can make your HVAC system work extra hard to regulate your indoor temperatures. When this happens, the system may experience more wear and tear. You may have to invest in more maintenance, repairs or services over time.

When you have doors with weather barrier systems, you can save money on your energy costs and prevent HVAC issues. Superior seals combat air infiltration along the jambs and doors for full protection.

4. Keep Unwanted Visitors Away

Insects and other critters may infiltrate living spaces through cracks and gaps along the sides of a door. A weatherproof barrier system provides a tight seal to eliminate these issues.

Plus, insects love environments with moisture. Door barriers with leak and water prevention can help keep pests away.

5. Increase the Value of Your Home

Single or double doors with weather barrier systems can attract future buyers. They’re an appealing feature on their own — and since they prevent moisture damage, they can keep the rest of your home in better condition for buyers, too.

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Want to improve the weather protection of your entry door? See-Thru Windows, Doors and Bathroom Remodeling provides a GUARDIAN™ Weather Barrier System for homes throughout communities in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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