4 Popular Window Styles for Your Home

Figuring which window styles will work best for your contemporary home is a very important aspect to window replacement. Not only is it important to consider aesthetic appeal, you must also consider energy efficiency, daylighting potential, and a variety of other things. Fortunately, our window experts are here to help with choosing the right window style for your home. We’ve chosen four of the most popular window styles to examine in order to help you find the best window(s) for your home today!

Double-Hung Windows

This window style is a favorite among homeowners due to its high functionality, understated beauty, and low-maintenance. It features two movable sashes (top and bottom) to maximize the potential for natural ventilation. Additionally, each sash can tilt-in, which makes for easy cleaning. Furthermore, the simplistic styling of double-hung windows means that they can fit the style of any home without intruding on its natural architectural beauty.

Bay/Bow Windows

These two window styles are very similar to one another in that they each use multiple windows to form their unique shape and grand size. Bay windows have more of an angular appearance and are made using three windows that are attached to one another adjacently in an angular fashion. Another unique characteristic of the bay style is that the center window is larger than the flanking windows.

Bow windows are created using four to six windows and are also attached adjacently. Aside from being larger than the bay, bow windows have an arched appearance rather than angular. Many homeowners find this more visually appealing though it does lack the depth that a bay window presents. Another difference is that all of the compositional windows in a bow’s makeup are the same size. The bay and bow window styles are best suited for larger homes due to their grandiose size, however, bay windows are still suitable for smaller homes. The main thing to remember with these windows is that they provide greater potential for daylighting and natural airflow than most other windows. Plus they increase the amount of usable interior space.

Casement Windows

Casement windows were the go-to window for quite some time, especially before the rise of double-hung and single-hung windows. They are typically found in the traditional window shape and feature a swinging sash that can open either inward or outward. The sash operates on a hand crank to make opening and closing easy even in hard to reach areas. Furthermore, the hand crank allows you to form a tighter seal between the frame and sash when the window is closed to prevent air leakage. The greatest benefit of this window style is that they provide wonderful potential for natural airflow in your home. The unmistakable old-world charm that this window possesses can give any home a touch of antiquity and rustic beauty that is desirable by homeowners the world over.

Other Window Considerations

Among the four styles mentioned above, there also exists numerous others including picture windows, single-hung windows, and awning windows. One of the most popular window qualities that homeowners are looking for is energy efficiency. Fortunately, all of the replacement windows we carry are designed to be highly energy-efficient so they can help you save money from the moment they are installed. Let our experts help you find the perfect windows styles for your home by contacting us today to schedule your free consultation.


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